The Science Of Style

Essential Personal Stylist Training


If you are thinking about a career as a Personal Stylist, Image Consultant or Professional Shopper and wondering if it could be for you, or you want to top up or add some styling skills to your existing business, this 3-Day intensive training course is your SOS, (Science of Style) and the perfect next-step for you.

Over the three days, you will learn the secrets of the Science of Style – the 3 important elements when it comes to helping women look and feel their very best, whatever the occasion. When it comes to looking good, there really is a science to it and you can learn the principles easily in just 3 days.

The well-dressed woman has 3 Principles in place. She wears colours in the correct PALETTE, that harmonise with her natural colouring. She wears clothes to flatter her PROFILE so that her outfits work with her body line. And finally, her outfits reflect her PERSONALITY and so she is creatively expressing who she is through her wardrobe.

We’ll look at each of the Principles and how to apply them to clients and reveal just how beautiful they truly are.


Why it’s important to wear your most flattering colours

How to determine which colours flatter whom

Where & how to shop with clients for their best colours

Editing a client’s wardrobe


Body Shape made simple

How to determine the correct body shape

Clothing lines for each shape

Scale – why it matters and what it affects



Why Personality matters when it comes to loving/loathing looks/clothes/style

How to determine the Style Personality

How to help women express their personality through their clothes

Shopping – clothes are merely tools at your disposal to help a woman reflect who she is through her wardrobe.  We’ll teach you what to look for and how to put it together


Throughout the training you will learn real-life techniques used by the Pixie Belle team when working with clients such as eyeballing, using key questions and even creating fun quizzes and style challenges.


It’s the ESSENTIALS of Personal Style – the SCIENCE of Personal Style.  No fluff, just facts.  Our programme covers assessments, Q&A sessions and checking everyone is on the right path throughout so nobody gets left behind or is confused about what they’re learning.  You’ll be working with real women of different colours, shapes & sizes to get hands-on experience. 


You’ll leave the course with an excellent grounding in how to set up a business and launch a career as a Personal Stylist, at a fraction of the cost of other training providers.

How?  Because we’ve cut out the non-essentials like a swanky central London location, posh nosh, days of working on volunteers, applying make-up and cosmetics training, draping and other skills rarely used by modern Personal Stylists.  We teach you what you need to start seeing clients immediately, in a real life scenarios, such as wardrobe & shopping sessions.

Join us for 3 days of fun, informative, interactive Stylist Training and get set to launch the ULTIMATE dream career!

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